Friday, 7 October 2016

The Importance of Knowing How to Prosper As a woman - Irene Roth

Women are making momentous strides economically. But it still seems to be that more women than men are uncomfortable with money. Both filth rich and dirt poor are incompatible with sugar and space and everything nice.

So many women have avoided thinking about money in favour of taking whatever comes to them by the path of least resistance.

As a result, women may be enchanted with what money can buy but intimidated by its acquisition and upkeep. In order to have a grounded sense of self in this era and culture, women need to be financially skid-proof.

The battle for 2019 - By Reuben Abati

One of the most frustrating things about Nigeria’s political history is how it keeps repeating itself and nothing ever seems to change. The present administration has not yet spent up to two years in office and already the language of politics is dominated by the phrase: “the battle for 2019.” Nobody is talking about the next general election of 2019, but “the battle!” As is crystally evident, the 2019 general elections are likely to end up as one big nationwide war, and this won’t be a war of ideas, but a war of egos, of ambitions, and utter desperation for power.
Perhaps what makes this prospect even more believable is the narrative already being peddled that the incumbent President Muhammadu Buhari may decide to

Anger: Can Someone Use Boxing/Martial Arts To Deal With Their Anger? - By Oliver JR Cooper

While there are plenty of people who suffer from depression, there is also no shortage of people who have anger problems. Still, this is not to say that someone can either have one of the other, as it is unlikely to be this black and white.

A Different Experience

For example, one could find that they have moments when they are depressed and moments when they are overwhelmed with anger. When they are depressed, there is the chance that they have disconnected from their anger

Thursday, 6 October 2016

Making the Unbelievable Possible - Saudi Arabia Women in the Olympics By Swapnil Upadhyay

It was among the most amazing incidents of Rio Olympics ever seen, Kariman Abuljudayal was participating in the 100 m sprint, but she was looking a bit different from the rest of the runners. Kariman had a hijab put on her face and her whole body was covered in black velvet, making her one out of three girls of Saudi Arabia to participate in the biggest congregation of games; the Olympics.

Last year, Sara Akhtar from Saudi Arabia took part in the 4x800 m relay, she too had her entire body covered up and even after losing her share to brag the ticket to the finals, she did a commendable job.

It is customary in Saudi Arabia for women to be clad with

Monday, 3 October 2016

How to Be Grateful When Times Are Tough - By Graham Young, Disruptive Performance Strategist

"Being grateful" is common advice that everyone has heard: We all know that focusing on what you have instead of what you don't have, can make you a happier person.

But, let's face reality: It's difficult to be grateful when you don't feel that way. If things are not going well, the last thing you want to do is "look on the bright side" or "focus on the positive." You're entitled to feel skeptical about being grateful, right?

BBOG campaign “It is an act of solidarity for the children".- WOLE SOYINKA

Prof Soyinka spoke was speaking at the 20th anniversary of Halifield Schools, Maryland, Lagos yesterday.

The nobel leaureates faulted the police in there efforts to clamp down on the protest by the BBOG, he said, in his words...

  “It is an act of solidarity for the children. Otherwise, when you stop these demonstrations, you are saying “forget about the children,

EFCC returns former governor of Bayelsa state 48 houses

Some of the property are located in Wuse II and Maitama, highbrow areas of Abuja.

According to a report in Punch newspaper, some of the houses,that has the inscription ‘EFCC, Keep Off’, on the gates or fences of the property, had been wiped off the buildings while some had been rented out.

The correspondent, who posed as a prospective tenant, was informed that the rent for the property ranged between N2.5m and N6m per annum.