Thursday, 28 July 2016


Hello dear, hmm I have been wondering how you have forgotten about me this quick or is it your busy schedule. Well I have decided to write you this piece from my heart, maybe this will rekindle our love again Megida Insha Allah .

I still don't know if our love

Politicians like snakes In Nigeria


There are about 2900 species of snakes , of these 375 are venomous. Snakes are creepy in a way. Their looks can be fearsome, their movements can be creepy too. The sight of a snake can be very fearful with adrenalin rush all over the body. Sometimes this adrenalin rush makes you run faster than you think or make you jump higher that you ever did, worrisome is that you just stand firm like you were glued to the spot with some kind of super glue.

While some of us run from them, kill them, eat them, cage them, some worship them, adore them some places in Nigeria I heard it's a taboo to kill snakes too. I begin  to imagine what a creature this is.


Dedicated to my Mum

Be magnified oh Lord, you are highly exalted and there is nothing you can't do, oh Lord my eyes are on you oh lord be magnified.

The Best Woman 

As I sing this song for you, tears roll down my eyes,
I remembered a lost boy, a son that I was not proud to be.
Even when i was not there, i look back and say am sorry.
But somewhere like a dream, I made a turn
the turn that will forever make you proud.
I hear your prayers every day,
You give me strength to go on.