Thursday, 28 July 2016


Hello dear, hmm I have been wondering how you have forgotten about me this quick or is it your busy schedule. Well I have decided to write you this piece from my heart, maybe this will rekindle our love again Megida Insha Allah .

I still don't know if our love
has blossomed or wrinkled but one thing is sure you are always on my mind and i'm in your thinking,  I remembered the last time you spoke on the television, you melted my heart and passionately wooed me with your promises and huge plans, baby I still dream and fantasize those sweet words every time. but I noticed you hardly smile, which I know is not part of you, 

Is the situation becoming unbearable or are some people frustrating you, let me know so that I can intensify my fasting and prayers.

Even though you double as my boss and sweetheart, I will still bare my mind on some of the things that are happening since you became the paramount ruler.

The monthly alert you give, even though its coming later than usual these days, is not always enough again, don't start thinking am nagging again hear me out dear. 

Megida do you know that mummy has not been paid months of her pension, infact 5 wata, walahi this is unfair, and from the little alert you give me every month I have been sending money to her .

After she had worked for 35 years and living on loan facilities, the situation is becoming unbearable, baby I am tired, seriously I think the end is near, we don't value our elders again. How can such old woman survive fa? kai kai ...

Eeeehn I was even thinking emm emm, yaakuri Megida that she should join you at the villa till you resolve this issue with your boys.   

And see some of these your boys, that joined politics few years ago,  they have enough money to buy vintage cars, and leave large, haba baby, why should this be so.

Please don't forget to increase my monthly alert o, abeg, infact, please, do that one first u hear, kisses.
I know I should have written this personally to you , but I made it public so that it can catch your attention .
Since you have been very busy this days, travelling and see o just to book one ticket for me you have been stingy about it, well that's for another day.  

Even when u pass by I can't wave you down like before again this your convoy is veeeeeery long and veeery fast, gaskia am beginning to feel tired walahi.

Well the next time, I will be wearing that yellow gown with plenty flowers and I will be standing at the junction where we used to buy fura before you became the paramount ruler

 My dear well done, God is your strength you hear, hmm its almost time for dinner let me make Tuwon Shinkafa and Miyan Kuka with Fura da Nono , talk to you later.
                                                                             from your dearest one.       

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