Thursday, 28 July 2016

Dedicated to my Mum

Be magnified oh Lord, you are highly exalted and there is nothing you can't do, oh Lord my eyes are on you oh lord be magnified.

The Best Woman 

As I sing this song for you, tears roll down my eyes,
I remembered a lost boy, a son that I was not proud to be.
Even when i was not there, i look back and say am sorry.
But somewhere like a dream, I made a turn
the turn that will forever make you proud.
I hear your prayers every day,
You give me strength to go on.
you are one of the reason am alive today
thank you for your prayers mum
thank you for not giving up on me
I love you,
you will live long to enjoy all my plans for you
you will live long to fulfill Gods destiny
you will be healthy all your life
you will be happy
you will never cry except for joy
you will be the best you want to be.
I cannot trade anything for your happiness
I cannot trade anything for you
God will protect you, guide you.
you are my hero every day of my life
happy birthday beautiful woman
After God na you.

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