Thursday, 28 July 2016

Politicians like snakes In Nigeria


There are about 2900 species of snakes , of these 375 are venomous. Snakes are creepy in a way. Their looks can be fearsome, their movements can be creepy too. The sight of a snake can be very fearful with adrenalin rush all over the body. Sometimes this adrenalin rush makes you run faster than you think or make you jump higher that you ever did, worrisome is that you just stand firm like you were glued to the spot with some kind of super glue.

While some of us run from them, kill them, eat them, cage them, some worship them, adore them some places in Nigeria I heard it's a taboo to kill snakes too. I begin  to imagine what a creature this is.

in Africa, some snakes are human in there numerous ways, do not get me wrong this is not one Nollywood movie or Indian drama, this is true.  In fact there are cases where people are accused of turning into snakes or when someone will just whisper to you, "why is she behaving like a snake" or "that girl fit be snake o" I begin to wonder why only the female gender are referred or compared to snakes. 

It appears that some political class in Nigeria are under this radar of snake community in Africa, they might be the so called "FI-D-FI'S AND A-FI-C'S" etcetera.

some of them can be very creepy and act without any feeling of moral and righteous clemency. their decisions and actions are worrisome, their history and inflammatory ego are fearful, LIKE THE HYPOTHETICAL SNAKES. Some of us run from them, wants to kill them with the words of our mouth, cage them in kuje prison. Nevertheless many of us worship them, adore them, give them titles, I begin to wonder what species of snakes they are.

When we know it is completely impracticable and impossible for this snakes to show their heads in public we make them the decision makers for our future, call them names that they do not deserve, e.g. HONORABLE,  we flash their ego in public like the MOSES SNAKE OF SALVATION, when we know the culture and norms this great country was built upon by fathers of independence.

Snakes are often observed flicking their forked tongue, like the FORK OF SON'S OF ELI, stealing meat meant for the common man, making inflammatory promises they cannot fulfill, giving unreasonable details for their degenerated plans.

This elongated carnivorous reptilia cannot be distinguished from this greedy homo sapiens, they both have jaws that enable them swallow preys and loots much larger than their head with their highly mobile jaws and laws.

Need-less-to-say (i don't know if this has a meaning but it goes) Most species are nonvenomous, so are this political class, those ones that have venom use it to kill, steal, and subdue prey. just as it is being witnessed among their political parties .

If i may conclude all snakes are strictly carnivorous, eating small animals and big ones, by swallowing them whole, including snakes of their kind too. Choose how you want to treat the snakes, beat, adore, eat, kill, worship, cage?

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