Friday, 5 August 2016


One important thing to do is to Acquire knowledge: Mattew 19 vs 3 Jesus recommended knowledge, "Have you not Read" was Jesus answer, when he was asked about that a marraige issue in Mattew !9 vs 3. Reading books and acquiring knowledge about getting married is very important.

it's not because you have finished your NYSC, you now got a job, she is working, it's about "have I acquired enough knowledge about getting married or been married

Another issue we should note is in Gen 2 vs 18. Marriage is also about meeting needs of both partners.  There are certain needs in a man's life that requires only the help of his wife and so is the woman, there are need you will not meet if you do not get married. 
For instance if a man is complaining that his woman  talks too much the reason why you are there is to listen to her.  or the woman  complains about her husband  likes for  much attention, that's why you are there as a wife or husband to meet his needs or hers.   
Men needs to listen to their wife more often, so that they don't find a listener outside, one good reason why you married her is to listen to her .
1st pet 3vs7 said dwelling together as husband as wife require knowledge, leaving together as two separate individual needs knowledge.
Husbands should not mistake the weaker vessel as inferiority, its connoted delicateness, she is made of a delicate material, when she is talking listen to her whether you think it's nonsense you must listen. Treat her  like a baby, she is very delicate. 
God deliberately created man and woman to be different so its take knowledge and understanding to understand why a man or woman behave the way they do.
In earlier paragraph I said the woman has verbal power , when a man says why does this food taste this way, is this how your mother taught you the woman replies your great grandmother  cannot cook well, bla bla bla.....We should understand women talk much, sometimes very much. thats part of the understanding every man must have.
Another great example is when a man comes from the office and the wife ask honey how was work today, he may reply fine, she will ask further  and he will reply very fine nothing more. 
When the husband asks his wife, how was work today honey? A loving husband should be prepared for a long talk, what happened on her way to work, who said what and why what did that ,where who did and said what... and on and on, and a  loving husband would reply hmmm honey what a day is that all? its sounds funny but it's the truth. A husband that lacks the knowledge will cut her off, and probably not listen. 

It's better not to be married at all than to have a depressed wife in the house,  
it's the duty of man to help the wife straighten out the day's work, woman are fond of doing plenty things at a time in a day, they can multitask, and at the end of the day get tired and frustrated its the duty of the man to assist and provide wisdom  to achieve the expected result.
GOD put man in marriage to provide love to their wife, some men will say my wife knows I love her from the bottom of my heart, but they don't say it, when the bible says from the abundant of the heart the mouth speak. 
Women do many things that need our comments, our appraisal and advice, like when she dressed and swings herself around the husband, some men will ask what is wrong with this woman today, are you okay?  the more you express love for her the more the potential she shows .  
The bible say faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God, when you express love to your wife and say the things you want to happening  in her life, the faith she requires to manifest the things  you are saying is been released through the word you are saying.

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