Monday, 8 August 2016

Preparing for marraige- final part

Last week i started sharing my thoughts about preparing for marriage with unmarried men and women, these thoughts are some basic facts and biblical lessons which i find very useful. This part is the final part and i hope as we conclude you have learnt so much even as i have. Thank you.

DEVELOP QUALITY RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD, when you develop this kind of relationship you will not be moved by pressure or circumstances. Even when an engagement is
broken. Don't let anyone look down on you, either because of  your stature or situation. God has reasons for situations, it's better to have a broken engagement than a broken marriage.

DISCOVER GODS PURPOSE FOR YOUR LIFE, you are not a biological accident Jeremiah  1 vs 5 Before i formed thee I knew thee... God has an assignment for you, find Gods purpose for your life it will help your choice for a good partner.

CULTIVATE QUALITY CHARACTER   proverb 31vs 30 it is character that sustains beauty, without character after  few times together the beauty will turn ugly, Prov 21 vs 9 it is character that sustain beauty it is character that sustains a marriage, character do not fall from a tree its is cultivated. example is anger. When you have character problem do not hide it but deal it with because when pressure comes it will show and that can ruin your marriage.
learing to exercise control on the motion of the flesh is good for every character trait, and the time to put it under control is when we are single, been single is when to deal with our character issues.
TAKE CARE OF OUR OUTWARD APPEARANCE,  take time to dress well, even if there is no money there are places where you get clothes that will look good on you, and put a holy ghost smile on your face, cleanliness. exposing body parts does not dignify the body.
LEARN TO BE DOMESTICATED learn to cook and do house chores.  to be married and your husband is eat out is an insult, learn to cook different delicacy, the way to a man heart is through his stomach. Take time to learn cooking, learn house chores. sometimes the way we present food matters a lot too, not indomie cooking alone.   
I hope you have enjoyed these series, God bless us all Amen.

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