Friday, 5 August 2016


A married man was traveling in a aircraft and was wearing his wedding ring on the wrong finger , someone noticed the mistake and told him but the man answered and said, he's not wearing in error but because he married the wrong woman.
what am about to share with you  is not because he married the wrong woman but because he did not prepare enough for the marriage. I was inspired by a teaching I heard and believe many other singles will learn from these.  

Finding the right partner or having a fulfilling marriage does not depend on your level of academic knowledge, or how successful you are, because you are a doctor or professor does not mean your marriage will be great.
All marriages need preparation, there is no accidental fulfillment in marriage, we prepare for marriage not prepare in marriage.
In fact no better time to prepare than now when you are single, being single is not a time to be in hurry to get  married, preparation for your  future and marriage is one reason you are single.
Every stage in life prepares us for another phase, so been single is a necessary stage to pass through because it's better to be single praying to get to married, than been married and praying to be single. 
Sometime we experience problems in marriage not because we are not with the right partner but because we didn't prepare adequately before we get married.
And we should know  it's not about finding a tall working class man or woman, holy ghost filled and rich.
Most times when some people say they are preparing for marriage, they are actually preparing for wedding. 

The elaborateness of your wedding has nothing of what so ever to do with the success of your wedding.
Marriage is the next day into wedding.
There is no accidental success in marriage. Sometimes you need to connect with people that have gone through it .

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